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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sex Robots Lead To Mass Unemployment; Does NEGATIVE or POSITIVE Advertising Work Better? beats analyst Q4 expectations, acquires Yodle; raises $60 Million;  Teens Abandoning Facebook and Twitter; 7 Ways Millennials Can Transition Smoothly in a New Workplace; Airlines Try New Tricks to Cash in on Your Checked Luggage; Study: Millennials Prefer Socialism To Capitalism; Elon Musk's Vision Is Not for the Faint of Heart and.. A New Dimension in Home Buying: Virtual Reality
  1. Owen Frager
    Does NEGATIVE or POSITIVE Advertising Work Better? | Tsufit ✭ | LinkedIn
  2. Owen Frager

    Owen Frager via Steve Liechty

  3. Owen Frager
    Emmanouil Neonakis
    Great infographic! The History of VR by WorldViz
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