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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why “Do What You Love” Matters in Life Outside Work Too; Domain Transfer Best Practices

Very urgent for web developers and copywriters: How to Capitalize on Short Attention Spans; Jason Calacanis admits news app failed, pivots to an email service; The 'good billionaire': Silicon Valley roots for Bloomberg for president; Amazon-FedEx: Crazy or Worth Considering? Five Reasons 46% of Hires Fail.. and .. Silicon Valley dominated the world for 20 years. Who wins in the next 20 years, though, is still a force?
  1. Alison Coffa
    This was one of the first major projects I worked on when I started this role last year...exciting to see it reach this milestone today! Happy birthday .sydney!
  2. Owen Frager

    Owen Frager via Jeff Haden

  3. Owen Frager

    Owen Frager via MarkMonitor

    Domain Transfer Best Practices

    YouTubeMarkMonitor® domain expert Kody Kautz shares domain transfer best practices based on the 15-plus years of experience MarkMonitor has as the…
  4. Owen Frager
    I think buying privatizing USPS is even better idea because they can put kiosks, pick ups and returns in all the post offices.. even have postmen who can take orders and provide in-home assistance and shopping tutorials...
    Amazon-FedEx: Crazy or Worth Considering?

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