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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Did DomainTools Let Their Customers Down? Domain Names to Last You a Lifetime

The victims of "sextortion”; A Trick for Lightning-Fast Problem Solving in Any Sticky Situation;  Dinosaur-era fossils unearthed in Antarctica; 'Connection Request' Mistake Some People Make; Accepting the Kindness of Friends; New Data Suggests Business Websites Are Becoming Less Secure From Hackers; 7 Things to Say When a Conversation Turns Negative; Macy’s joins American retail descent into the doldrums and.. 3 ways to bring the “&” back to marketing & sales

  1. Owen Frager
    Video playing on mute: Domain Names to Last You a Lifetime

    Domain Names to Last You a Lifetime

    YouTubeWith so many new TLDs available today, it’s easier than ever to get a domain name that matches your life and changes as you change. In fact, we think…
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    Owen Frager likes this

  4. Owen Frager
    The victims of "sextortion" — which uses personal data to extort people into providing sexually explicit photos or video — are overwhelmingly minors. The perpetrators are all male and have many victims.

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