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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sandwiches with a Side of Technology; Smart Energy Market Valued At $136 Million

10 Reasons Your Instagram Marketing Campaign Isn't Working; Is Blockchain going mainstream? You can bet on it! How the Best Leaders Use 'Invisible Influence’; How to Easily Analyze the Social Activities of Your Competitors; How This Vermont Sock Company Became a $40 Million Business in a Town of 3,000; Surprising Company Benefits That Millennials Love and..  Cord-Cutting on Continued Rise

  1. How the Best Leaders Use 'Invisible Influence'
  2. Owen Frager
    [TECH NEWS] Smart energy market valued at $136 billion for next decade: #Tech #News #IoT
  3. Owen Frager
    Marissa Mayer may be ending her tenure at Yahoo on a sour note. via CNNTech
    Yahoo 'screws it up,' writes down $482 million of Tumblr
  4. Owen Frager
    Sandwiches with a Side of Technology

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