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Thursday, August 11, 2016

ZYPPAH (,com) Even Spelling 3X During A Thirty Second Spot, Fails Radio Test

I saw this commercial on CNN and couldn't help smiling as the narrator tried three times to spell it so the audience would remember it, even explaining spelling HAPPYZ backwards! Even then I got it wrong in Google but after adding keyword "snoring" got it.

You can spend millions on ads or start with a name that is already an ad! Have a look:
When you have an option and a way to stop snoring and you choose to snore anyway that's disrespectful. Here you have an option, that option is to buy Zyppah. You buy a Zyppah, you stop snoring, we're friends.


Wadda you think we're talking about here?!

Z Y P P A H, zyppah. It's HAPPYZ spelled backwards.
Jimmy - Zyppah

There's no excuse. If you live another minute of you're life with snoring, it's you're fault. Go out there and tell everyone who snores to show some respect and get a Zyppah.

Call toll free at 1-800-875-3370

Here you have an option and that option is to by Zyppah. You buy a Zyppah and you STOP SNORING.

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