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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

POT: Once-In-A- Lifetime Business Opportunity but.. US Cops Raid Native American Reservation, Destroy their Medicine and Eradicate Entire Industry

Imagine if you could get own on the wine business before it started? Under Armour will build a mega-sized distribution center for online orders; Chico’s layoffs signal more trouble in the apparel sector—at least in stores; Twitter’s Periscope tests adding pre-recorded video, graphics to live broadcasts; Facebook Pushes Advertisers to Speed Up Their Mobile Sites; Amazon Has Already Gobbled Up Books, Electronics: Are Fashion And Beauty Next? How This Startup Is Helping Businesses Make Better Customer Service Calls in Real Time; Demand Gen vs. Branding: Which is More Important? and.. Twitter's "Instant Unlock" Ads May Breathe New Life Into Movie Marketing Campaigns

What Tech Co. Life Is Really Like: Behind the Curtain at Strategic Domain Name Pioneer/Success: Wayfair

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