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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

GE Driving 3D Printing Future With $1.4 Billion Investment; Obama's Concerned an AI Could Hack America's Nukes

BOOM! New York to London in 3.5 hour! Here's How to Raise $30 Million in Startup Funding; Office printers can expose networks to security breaches; Egypt gets a new capital - courtesy of China; What Will Break People's Addictions to Their Phones? From Wired Investors: How Online Businesses Succeed Part 2; The Race For AI: Google, Twitter, Intel, Apple In A Rush To Grab Artificial Intelligence; Self-checkout lane skimmers go Bluetooth and.. Epik Announces Support for Bitcoin

  • Owen Frager
    In an exclusive WIRED interview, Obama's addresses the threat of AI cyberattacks. His solution? Build cybersecurity systems more like immune systems.
    Obama's concerned an AI could hack America's nukes
  • Owen Frager
    The new megproject will have the backing of $20 billion from Chinese developers and the plans look very impressive: via CNN Travel
    Egypt gets a new capital - courtesy of China
  • Owen Frager
    Self-checkout lane skimmers go Bluetooth. These things are getting pretty sophisticated
    Krebs on Security
  • Owen Frager
  • Owen Frager
    Richard Oldham
    This is Boom. Boom is a prototype for a new supersonic passenger aeroplane that will be able to fly New York to London in 3.5 hours, slightly quicker than Concorde used to. But that's not the clever bit. The smart thing about Boom is that
  • Owen Frager
    Google accidentally sent this guy the new Pixel phone—and he unboxed it for you

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