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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum; Brothers Who Started $100 Million Company Rely On Mom

Young, gifted and held back; Does your car really need that repair? One Reseller Bought Over 100 Pairs of BAPE NMDs from an adidas Store; What 5 of your favorite products would cost if they were made in the US; 5 Habits I Had To Abandon As CEO As My Startup Scaled; Investing in Creativity, and in the Greater Good; Storytelling – How To Make Your Brand Promise and.. Never end a meeting without doing these five things

  1. Owen Frager
    Does you car really need that part? Hat tip @stevecheatham Sent from my iPhone
    Does That Piece of Plastic Serve a Purpose?
  2. Owen Frager Great read! It's automation that's the immigration taking jobs. "Otherwise, come 2020, Silicon Valley will have become an even bigger villain in the popular imagination, much like its East Coast counterpart, Wall
    Silicon Valley Has an Empathy Vacuum - The New Yorker
  3. Owen Frager
    Today's young people are brainier than any previous generation—yet their elders are stopping them from reaching their potential The millennial generation: Young, gifted and held back via @TheEconomist
    Young, gifted and held back

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