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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Domains On The Brink: Voice Search Rules The World

Thinking about Domain Name Wire's article about Importance of and threats to Domain Names... Not-Ready-For-Radio Domains, Type-ins and typing are going the way of the pay phone. That means creating and redesigning sites to render appropriately and dynamically for different screens and operating systems. How will brands facilitate seamless transaction and communication with these new consumers, who will only have the expectation of such an experience? Is your website prepared for the consumers of a brave new world?

These archives probably penned in 2000 or 2005 and released 2006 through today. Sometimes it takes the world longer to catch up. But…

The peak-In" is not in infancy. It was market tested in 1988 and we use it everyday.

  1. Owen Frager
  2. Owen Frager
    Are Type-Ins Over? Think ATT
  3. Owen Frager
  4. Owen Frager
  5. Owen Frager
    "Two iPhones Walk Into A Bar" SIRI Replaces The Type-In In Chevy
  6. Owen Frager
    Google Names Its Siri "Ask The Google APP"
  7. Owen Frager
    UPDATE: 10 Years Ago We Told You That The "Speak-In" Would Replace "The Type-In"
  8. Owen Frager
    Siri; It's Finally Here. Apple's The Domain-Killing Speak In
  9. Owen Frager
    Apple’s Personal Assistant Siri Has It Out For Google and New TLDs
  10. Owen Frager
    Type-ins and typing are going the way of the pay phone; Using the URS as a Preliminary Injunction;

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