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Monday, March 13, 2017

Class Action (.com): If Your Domain Can Do As This One Does, You May Be Holding Domain Gold

Forbes explains: "Domain names that are memorable and search-engine friendly are branding gold, which is why companies fight for the right to own them, sending their value into the mega millions. You might think it’s insane to spend millions on a simple Internet web address, but the right .com URL could turn an ordinary business into a household name that would otherwise take years to get on people’s radar and cost almost as much in marketing, if not more. And, consider this:  Some companies will spend millions of dollars for a 30-second commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl. After 30 seconds and a little hype after the big game, it’s over. This is an asset that lives on."

Here's a great recent example of points made by Forbes and how created high-ticket lead generation business overnight from a call-to-action domain name and direct response TV spots. I love the obvious! It's foundational.

More... @MichaelCastello adds a point about a relevant article with plenty of ammunition to support your sales:

'While this article simply states the obvious about a great domain name like There are those names that stand out as being instrumental to a company's growth like which we sold to Guaranteed Rate last year. They have been advertising aggressively with national advertisements and it's working out well for them.

The domain industry is well over 20 years old but redundant information in articles like this still need to be repeated over and over. Some things will never change.

How You Can Own Customer Service: Domain Name Goes To Auction For $2.1M via @forbes

Some other examples of call-to-action, direct response domains in use we have been seeing on TV:

In the case off NerdWallet it's like Hotel = Trivago, i.e. Credit Card = Nerd Wallet - but just like Trivago with Priceline backing it, this is intentionally a big brand creating a domain-based satellite brand for a specific market niche that relies on the same infrastructure. They even hire a real Nerd to play the company founder. But who cares if you don't have exact keyword matches. If you own a call-to-action domain with instant recall, memorability, and it passes the radio test, you may be holding advertising gold.

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