Frager Factor

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The ad fraud issue could be more than twice as big as first thought — advertisers stand to lose $16.4 billion to it this year

Domain Name Drama; The OxyContin Clan: The $14 Billion Newcomer to Forbes 2015 List of Richest U.S. Families; Report: Google earns 78% of $36.7B US search ad revenues, soon to be 80%; VR offers relief to cancer patients without additional prescriptions or treatments; Why Successful Individuals Wear The Same Outfit Daily; New tech 'promising' for longer battery life, Eric Schmidt says; How This 28 Year Old Became A Successful Entrepreneur, Escaping The “Rat Race” And Taking Control Of His Future; The future of advanced-edge computing is actually in autonomous cars; New beer brewed specifically for high altitude enjoyment

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