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Monday, April 24, 2017

Bill O'Reilly's Saving Grace: It's The Domain Stupid

In the early days of the Internet a young man I know had a conversation with the talent agent representing the biggest cable stars. He envisioned a world where every domain would be a broadcast network and suggested the talent must procure their own domain to follow them through their future and prevent them from being attached to their employer. They could use the private site to sell book, do tours and build subscribers who could be pinged to follow them when the time came. Most agents didn't listen because we were still on dial up and who would ever consider Internet would become bigger than their precious TV, but one did. My friend expressed his frustration and this theory many times in Rick's Board (early members will recall). Now we are talking billion dollar streaming business and proven that a domain is a broadcast network.

That happened for the late Alan Colmes (, His Former Partner Sean Hannity (, their associate Greta ( who had already lost her audience IP in a transition from CNN, and most importantly Bill O'Reilly ( (which he made sure to promote at the end of each show and make sure it was separate from These talents, unlike most of their industry peers, have exact matching social media accounts and are now bigger than the networks that carry them. If you do a whois you will see none are corporate owned, even the only one with network branding.

Oh what a domain can do.

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