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Friday, May 05, 2017

What's the Secret of Silicon Valley? Hint: It's Not Just Startups

Chris Sacca on mental health issues in Silicon Valley; Facebook nears two billion monthly users ; The newest version of Windows won’t let you change the default web browser or search engine; The #1 Mistake Fired Professionals Make...And How To Avoid It; SpaceX Just Laid out a Plan to Give Everyone Internet Access; Take Two: Ethereum Domain Registrar Relaunches on Testnet - CoinDesk; Zuckerberg adds 3,000 moderators in wake of murders; 52 Local SEO Strategies for SMBs; 6 Marketing Methods That Can Boost Your Sales; Sprint: We "welcome the unlimited war”; Facebook's Dreaded Headwinds to Ad Growth Aren't Here Yet; Hundreds of Fake UK Bank Sites Exposed, Pose High Risk for Customers and.. Apple May No Longer Be Innovative But That's Okay

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