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Friday, October 13, 2017

What's In A Name: Hurricane Lawyer (.com) -- The Right Name At The Perfect Time

The right name at the right time can be a cash cow. With all the hurricanes this year and insurance companies tightening the screws, hiring a lawyer can be of great benefit. Hurricane Lawyers fight on behalf of thousands of business and homeowners and have recovered millions for clients who were denied or underpaid for their claims. A Google search of these keywords produces thousands of results but only one can be at the top, or even help skip the search process all together.

A local direct response TV campaign with a compelling and memorable call-to-action domain can result in leads found versus opportunities lost. I wouldn't recall Morgan & Morgan but I did recall Have a look at the spot:

From my Florida home, I've seen several timely commercials making this pitch, but this is the only one where I remembered where to go afterward.

For anyone thinking about building a business on the back of a domain name (as our friends have done with,,,, and more..), remember, here on the Web, the most direct marketing medium ever invented, the right name is more important than ever. It can directly impact your image, instantly establish trust and credibility, and gain more recognition among all stakeholders.

The most effective names serve as that one element vital to the success of all direct marketing: a relevant and memorable call to action.

In other words, like the best 800 numbers, the best domain names tell the prospect in an easy-to-remember way what to do next, where to go for information, why to request a demo or when to place an order — which, of course, is right now. has relevance to consumers, expressing the 1-800-style "I WANT" behavior the consumer is speaking, thinking or even typing.

And keep this in mind: if the domain name is part of a specific marketing campaign, it doesn’t have to match your existing brand name — and you don’t have to rename a brand to make best use of it.

In fact, it works better than which brings visitors to your front door, but doesn’t lead them directly to the offer or product they came looking for. Instead, a campaign-specific URL (Web address or domain name) can steer visitors to a unique landing page or site that either features campaign-related videos or messages, or logos that link back to your company’s primary site.

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