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Monday, November 06, 2017

What's in a name? and.. Owners Sometimes Hate the Small Businesses They Used to Love

Cryptocurrency is an enriching prospect for those who ask the right questions; The 9 highest-paying jobs for millennials; Nike downsizing from 30,000 retail partners to 40; 50,000 drivers needed: Can technology save the trucking industry? Former Blackrock exec to raise $250M to invest in pot businesses; Gmail add-ons put tools like Trello and QuickBooks in your inbox; Persuaders Do These 3 Things; Uber’s next gambit to maintain your loyalty is a credit card; Verizon will allow 4K video streaming for $10 extra a month; The Future Of Ad Agencies Might Not Be Advertising At All; To Keep Up With AI, We’ll Need High-Tech Brains; Y&R, an ad agency network, is trying to make it easier for people who may have left the advertising industry to make successful comebacks. 

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