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Friday, December 15, 2017

Love at First Sight Probably Isn't a Real Thing — Here's Why

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I HIRED someone with EMPLOYMENT gap of 12 years. And, Oh My God !
I hired an UNEMPLOYED with a very long EMPLOYMENT gap, 12 years. She was a stay-home mom whose 4 children grew up. Of 1250 people that I hired this was the longest gap. The next one down was someone with a 5 year gap. He took time off to take care of his ailing parents and their family business.    In both cases, nobody else wanted to hire them other than for minimum wage jobs.    Both of them did great. The lady heads up a major HR function now. A parenthood is a perfect experience for an HR person. The gentleman is a software developer with a big name Internet company. He kept his skills current during the break. The only thing that matters is the ability to do the job.    We should put aside all prejudice, all dogmas, all nonsense "common sense".   And simply hire best people for the job.    Do you agree ? -- Latest shocker:
I hired someone over 50 years old. And, Oh My God.
I HIRED a person over 50. Should not be a big deal, but it was. You can't imagine the resistance I had to overcome. " He will never work hard enough", "he will not fit into our culture", "he will be taking a lot of sick days", "he is overqualified" etc Nobody said he was too old. They were all "politically correct".  Even now, many years later, I am still upset about those remarks. I had to put my foot down to get him hired.  Long story short, he was one of the best hires I ever made. We all learned from him. He made a huge difference for the company. We should STOP calling people over 50 as "overqualified" and "over the hill". Instead let's consider using these: veteran, very experienced, "someone I can learn from", someone who can make a huge difference because of their experience. Do you agree ?

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