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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Apple Admits Failure, Cancels iPhone X; Bitcoin May Fail But We Now Know How To Do It

Welcome to the Influencer Economy; State of Global Cryptocurrency Regulation; 9 Awesome Examples of SMB Explainer Videos; Microsoft execs say in 20 years we'll all have digital assistants that will be our alter egos — and we need to set ground rules while we still can; Verizon has a new plan to take on Google and Facebook; The Secret To Job Security; McDonald's new Dollar Menu has a sneaky way to get a ton of food cheap; Amazon Go, a high-tech version of a 7-Eleven

Anyone out there looking for a digital video assistant? ;) "I think predicting the future is always hard, but one thing Brad and I firmly believe is that the ultimate form of AI is a digital assistant —a digital assistant that really understands you, and with your permission knows everything about you."

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