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Thursday, April 19, 2018

28 Keys To Making 7-Figures In Your 20s and 30s... and... Naming Without Negatives

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Does your company culture need a vitamin or an aspirin?
When it comes to employee retention, company culture is crucial. David Nast offers guidance on diagnosing ailments in employee engagement

The Art of Avoiding Assholes; Skills Matter More Than Degrees

The Real Technology Problem
We know Congress and Mark Zuckerberg won’t discuss the real technology problem. Neither will we. Ironically, it’s private.

28 Keys To Making 7-Figues In Your 20s and 30s
Principles For Creating Ideal Mentorships With ANYONE You Want
“Don’t be addicted to money. Work to learn. Don’t work for money. Work for knowledge.” — Robert Kiyosaki

How to Make Money Like Don Lapre — Without Selling Your Soul
Success Strategies Anyone Can Use to Make Their Dreams Come True

Mining Centralization Scenarios

Steve Jobs Interview Product People should get promoted Over Sales Marketing People

Famous brand names with negative connotations

Want a Better America? Stop Requiring Algebra
We have precious little time to shape young minds, and we’re blowing it

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