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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Bitcoin Will Eventually Be The Single Global Currency; Quick Thoughts About The Facebook Scandal

Today: The Facebook problem; Bitcoin, Viagra, Peak Domaining; Aging Avatars, Looking smarter at work and the problem with ad agencies

Facebook has lost the plot

“Facebook doesn’t just have an image problem; Facebook has a self-awareness problem.” Every company loses perspective at some point, but only the best know what it takes to step back and course correct.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says bitcoin will eventually be the single global currency

Smart desk adapts to the individual needs of workers

Viagra Has Unexpected Medical Benefits for Another Private Body Part

Flashback: Peak Everything: 2—Crazy Ones & A Sobering Look About The Truth of Domaining and The World

The Flight of the Zuckerberg: 20 Quick Thoughts About The Facebook Scandal

Our Gently Aging Avatars

Why Capitalism is Obsolete And Why Humanity’s Future Depends on What’s Next

10 More Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

The Ad Agency Model is Broken - Here's Why

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