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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cashing in On The BIGGEST Need For Names EVER: Cannabis

Today: Cannabis is going to be big business. But no longer joints, bongs and thongs. That's why many 420 and longer domain names that domainers have reserved for this day won't work. Names should be short, catchy, brand able and more medically focus as eventually Cannabis is the path to curing the world's most destructive chronic conditions. 

Think Snoop Dog's Leafy, MedReleaf, Kushy, MedMen, Kiva, Eaze, Hum Yum, Wanna, Happy Jane, Humboldt Apothecary, Green Street, HerbaMate and more. Think packaging as beautiful as in the cosmetic and vitamin space. Think stores classy, open and with products displayed as Apple. Think beers and wines, eventually. Think about an industry bigger than Alcohol, Beer and Tobacco is now combined. Think about branding as people have developed passions about Grey Goose versus Absolut. In the cannabis field, those really haven't gelled yet. Right? What's the top brand in cannabis? You can't answer that. 

But said one expert, “I'd rather not comment on the comparison between tobacco and cannabis, as one is poison and the other is healing medication.”

“There are more new customers in the cannabis space than in any other space in recent history around product consumption. Without education of product, customers are ignorant and the lack of budtender education is a white-hot space.”

Though the information is critical, most patients struggle to relate to an article. Humans are emotional communicators and we need more than black-and-white words – what we crave is an emotional connection." 

Some names and some products....
Emerald Family Farms
Coast Central Credit Union
Humboldt Chocolate
Humboldt Hotsauce
'Ohana Organics
Iced Out Extracts
Humboldt Hempwick
Humboldt Bay Coffee Company

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