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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Domain Names Are A Two-Sided Coin

“We don't want to miss this one the way we did when
we said Google AdWords has nothing to do with us.”
~~ Steve Hayden, vice chairman- Ogilvy & Mather.

Domains Greatest Value Is For Advertising

Domains have value for SEARCH. But domains have even more value for ADVERTISING. Why? Because Advertising creates preference, takes the searching out of buying, and competition off table. You've heard of and when your wallet is stolen or identity is compromised, you will bypass the search step and go direct to the domain.

That's the power of advertising. You're not just getting a click, you are getting clickers that are predisposed to buy. Its about the value of a simple call to action and a landing page to close the sale. And no one has properly marketed this. It's still virtually untapped.

Hilton Ad: "Stop Clicking Around"  TV Ads Are Back

Haven't you noticed the endless TV ads for the 7th most valuable Internet company, Book Holdings who is better known by their brands Priceline, Trivago,, and Kayak who spent $3.5 billion on PPC advertising last year. Google was most likely the primary recipient of the company’s eyewatering ad spend but Facebook started taking share too. Their competitor, Expedia spent $4.3 billion in PPC advertising in 2016 – up by almost $1 billion on the previous 12 months. And $1.6 billion on TV. They are in 30 countries and millennials are driving the shift. Read more HERE

An examination of the top 10 US accommodation websites ranked by total visits by SimilarWeb illustrates that Booking. com, at the moment, on the second place with more than 82 million visits and a 24% growth rate. 

As peak summer travel season gets underway, booking sites are fueling an ad boom that shows no sign of slowing. They are battling each other and traditional hotel brands like Marriott and Hilton for pieces of the more than $67.2 billion online U.S. hotel and lodging market -- and they are winning:
Agencies now control more than half of online hotel bookings. $462 million for Priceline brands, 

And Hilton Worldwide Holdings boosted its ad spending last year by 5.4% to $410.7 million, according to the LNA report. Marketing included a campaign -- the chain's largest in its nearly 100-year history—called "Stop Clicking Around" that urged viewers to book directly through Hilton's branded websites and become Hilton Honors members to receive rewards.

So how much is a domain worth as a brand and call-to-action? Certainly more than targeted traffic domains!

The best domain names ARE an ADVERTISEMENT. Some examples and the brands that snatched them CHEAP: (Fidelity) (AstraZeneca) (Guthy-Renker) (Eli Lilly) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Schering-Plough) (Alcoa) (Novartis) (Winchester) (Discovery Comm.) (Trend Micro) (Intuit) (Bass Pro Shops) (Pfizer) (Bayer) (GSK) (REDC) ( (GE) (Avis Budget) (J&J) (Medtronic) (Unilever) (Intuit) ( (Select Comfort) (Shell) (Kraft) (GSK) (Eli Lilly) ( (Clorox) (Barnes & Noble) (Barnes & Noble) (Warnaco) (Baking Resources) (CKE Restaurants) (J&J) ( (GE) (Harrah's) (P&G) (Merck) (Amtrust) (Intel) (J&J) (P&G) (Zappos) (Peet's Coffee) (Xerox) (CNET) (P&G) (McGraw-Hill) (Whirlpool) (1 800 Contacts) (1800 Contacts) (Kraft) (P&G) (United Business Media) (P&G) (P&G) (GSK) (GSK) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (Adobe) *(Allied Waste) (Xerox) (PetSmart) (PetSmart) (CBS) (CBS) (Wolters Kluwer) (Kao Brands) (Lafarge) (Hallmark) (Unilever/Ragu) (MIS Quality Management) (Sylvan Learning) (1 800 Contacts) (Merck Serono) (Real Networks) (Citigroup) (McAfee) (Adobe) (Eli Lilly) (Mannington Mills) (FTD) (1800 Flowers) (Travel Zoo) (MedImmune) - Food Network (Whirlpool) (Experian) (Reader's Digest) (Fidelity) (Hasbro) (AOL) (CNET) (Speedway SuperAmerica) (Novartis) (AstraZeneca) (J&J) (JCPenney) (1800 Contacts) (Abbott Labs) (Microsoft) (Clorox) (Hallmark) -, LLC (GSK) (GSK) (GSK) (CNET) (J&J) (Amtrust) (Bass Pro Shops) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Dryer's) (Sara Lee) (Bayer) (BMS) (Abbott Labs) (Sanofi-Aventis) (TMP Worldwide) (Microsoft) (CNET) (TLC Vision) (P&G) (Nunes Co.) (Northwestern Mutual) (Sempra Energy) (Bank of America) (Orbitz) (Diageo) (Kraft) (Nestlé) (AT&T) (Citigroup) (Honda) (Unilever) (Fandango) (Fandango) (CBS) (Bayer) (P&G) (Navteq) (Sun Microsystems) (CBS) (J&J) (Office Depot) (GSK) (Medtronic) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Intel) (PetSmart) (Mars) (PetSmart) (Purdue Pharma) (EarthLink) (USG) (CA) - (J&J) (Abbott Labs) (CBS) ( ( (RR Donnelley & Sons) (GSK) (General Re) (Avis Budget) (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) (Novartis) (GSK) (Oracle) (Fidelity) (Roche) - (Diageo) (Clorox) (Nunes Co.) (Oracle) (Unilever) (Office Depot) (Honda) (Diageo) (CBS) (CA) (Philips) (Sun Microsystems) (Sunglass Hut) (Novartis) (Phillips-Van Heusen) (P&G) (GSK) - KN Karen Neuburger® brand (Frito-Lay) - Bellview Corporation (Unilever) (Unilever) (Philips) (CBS) (Hammacher Schlemmer) (Sanofi-Aventis) (Citigroup) (Kia Motors) (McGraw-Hill) (K-Swiss) (J&J) (RR Donnelley & Sons) (SC Johnson) - Wild Attire Inc (GSK) (P&G) (Toys R’ Us) (Thomson) (U-Haul) (Whirlpool) (Orbitz) - Trucks & Parts of Tampa (CBS) (Siemens) (Warnaco) (Travelocity) (Symantec) (Nunes Co.) (Disney) (F-Secure) (NBTY) (CDW) (Weather Channel) ( (Roche) (NY Times) (J&J) (GE) (Merriam-Webster) (Fidelity)

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