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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Here’s Why You Didn’t Get That Job: Your Name ... And Why Your Domain Name Matters

Today: Domain Names, Schwag, Robots, Space War, Cannabis

What's in a name ... the entire direction of your career, according to new research

Inc. Editors Jim Ledbetter, Jon Fine and Zoe Henry try to figure out just how much of an impact robots will have on future occupations

"It is amazing what regular unassuming humans will do or give up in exchange for a free T-shirt." 

Today: The next big thing is an arms race about to explode in space. The United States is way behind. Should we not catch up fast, the next big thing will be learning to survive without coms, tech, military and electricity. For millennials who don't even know how to write or do math by hand, that would the a bigger threat than nuclear.

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