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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Rick Schwartz Gems: Opining on Dot TV - 28 YEARS AGO! Did He Get It Right?

Note: I was in a server I never use trying to track the owner of which has just been sold to iHOP presumably for millions for a rebrand and came across this post.

Who has been carrying these .TV domains all of these years as their dependents? Remember there has been only one Domain Billionaire- Bob Parsons who made $6.5 billion off domains without ever buying a single one. It's the folks who ignored advice like this investing their money to make his.

You can debate .TV forever.....but here is the REAL answer.

There is but one way that will determine the success or failure of .tv


Yes, It was HUGE when the emmyawards used But what has happened since?

Well if you are playing CLOSE attention you may have seen something like

Yes, they use the tv but before the .com

Until you see on cnn and,,,, the .tv's will not hit the status some believe. If this happens, it changes everything.


WHY get SILLY .tv's? IF you are gonna get a .tv the ONE thing you should have learned here is that one word domains are SUPERIOR in most cases. If you settle for a 3rd class .tv NOW, what does that say?

Not one .tv mentioned would I even consider buying the .com version. Even if .tv hits BIG, I have not seen ONE posted HERE or Afternic worth buying. NONE!

Point is if you don't know how to find a good .com, Why is it different with a .tv

On Thursday night I bought 6 domains. I never went to goto, never did any research, never did JACK except know what to look for and not give up too easy.

4 of the 6 are getting type ins and were just laying around. So getting names off a list, scripts, etc will never replace the human mind for targeting.

Buying domains and merchandising are the same things.

If you buy 6 items 1000 deep and you sell none of these during Christmas it must mean something.

If you buy 6 items 1000 deep and you sell ALL..of these during Christmas it must mean something as well.

All things being equal, one merchant knows what to look for and OBVIOUSLY the other does not have a clue.

So if you believe in .tv, go for it. But when you "Go for it", make sure you don't buy shit. If you're right and you own shit, you will make nothing. If you are right and you have ONE gem, you may be set for life.

Don't buy shitty domains! If you don't KNOW the ELEMENTS that make a domain valuable, FIND OUT!

But like anything else, some are good at this and some are not. Just like art. Some are good in art and some are not.

The determining factor will be overall advertising $$$ that are spent promoting it. Or at the minimum someone VERY high profile with a HUGE ad campaign.

As far as making $$$ with a .tv for a domain speculator, easier to sell gold than tin. Don't buy crappy domain names!!

Type ins are the ULTIMATE verifyer of a domain with value. If proves how many out of 6 billion folks actually think like YOU on a daily basis.

Starting from zero is infinitely harder than starting from 10. It's the difference between picking the uphill route or the downhill route, both ending in the same place. The differnce between spitting IN the wind and spitting WITH the wind. Another words, it increases your odds of success.

Buy GREAT domains only!!

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