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Monday, July 02, 2018

Cryptocurrencyis A Speculation Game Masquerading As A Technological Breakthrough

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Michael E. Porter reported in this month issue of HBR that ...
"CEOs clearly have direct influence over many issues and decisions, as their numerous reviews and one-on-one meetings reveal. However, the inherent limits on CEOs’ time and knowledge mean that much of their influence must also be indirect. Good CEOs are very much in charge but work through others using strategy, culture, and effective organizational processes that drive sound analysis and alignment across the organization. CEOs need to learn how to marry direct and indirect influence."
As organizations shift from hierarchical to network organizational structures ie organization as a complex adaptive system, CEOs should pay particular attention to the following important finding, among many others, from this in-depth 12 year study ...

Video: How Robots Will Change the 150 Million Jobs in the U.S.
Inc. Editors Jim Ledbetter, Jon Fine and Zoe Henry try to figure out just how much of an impact robots will have on future occupations.

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The “dean of short sellers” says bitcoin is the last thing he’d want to own in the event of a catastrophe. (Ref:

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