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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

7 Ways to Create an Effective Fundraising Strategy

Ways to Create an Effective Fundraising Strategy

Asking for donations isn’t easy. In order to appeal to potential donors the most effectively, you need to convince them that your cause aligns with their values. If you want people to part with their money, you’re going to need to give them a good reason.

That’s why you can’t go about this blindly. For the best results, it’s important to conduct your due diligence ahead of time. The following tips will help:

Research Potential Donors

Research the kinds of people who tend to give to your organization, as well as individuals who you believe may consider becoming donors. Find out what issues matter to them, look into their history as donors, and research the kinds of promotional and marketing campaigns that tend to impact them.

You should also be aware of any factors that might keep them from donating. The key to successfully earning donations is understanding your audience in terms of their psychology and behaviors so that you can best appeal to them.

Rehearse Your Strategy

Don’t ask your staff to blindly solicit donations from a list of individuals. Craft a strategy that determines exactly how you plan on asking for funds, and rehearse it again and again. Whether that’s through phone, email, or other platform make sure your staff are as prepared as possible to earn donations.

Many people simply lack the confidence to ask someone to part ways with their money. Practice will ease those concerns.

Be Upfront

Some people think it’s a good idea to establish a relationship with a potential donor first, only to ask them for money later.

This is a common misstep – you don’t want to surprise anyone. When you first make contact, be clear that you intend on asking for a donation. This doesn’ mean you have to approach it like a sales pitch, but it is important to let people know your intentions before proceeding. They’ll appreciate your honesty and will be more enthusiastic to align themselves with your cause.

Be Unique

Another common misstep: boring potential donors in an attempt to come across as professional.

You want donors to take you seriously, but you also want to make sure that they feel entertained and engaged. Spend some time making sure your presentation strikes the right emotional chords, conveys the right information, but also captures the attention of your audience.

Make Them Feel Useful

There’s an old story about Benjamin Franklin and a rival of his. In order to get the rival on his side, Franklin contacted the man, who was known for his extensive book collection, and asked if he could borrow one of his rare books. This made the rival feel useful. He ended up becoming friends with Benjamin Franklin.

The same principle applies when asking for donations. If someone you’re contacting has the kind of experience or expertise you could learn from, ask them to share it. They’ll become much more enthusiastic about your cause, and they’ll be more likely to donate now that they have a positive impression of you.

Value Silence

Don’t bombard donors with information about your cause. For instance, you might ask them what issues matter to them most. When they answer, don’t immediately try to connect those issues to your work. Instead, simply note how interesting they are.

Leave some silence, and your donor will be more likely to fill it with their own thoughts. This makes them discover on their own why they actually do want to help you. The same rule applies if asking for donation over email. Though a follow-up email is wise, don’t send multiple one after another and clog up their inboxes.

Ask for Specific Amounts

You don’t want to put donors on the spot by making them come up with their own answer to the question “How much money should I give?” Ask for specific amounts, and they’ll be more inclined to make a donation.

Keep these points in mind as you craft your fundraising strategy. By taking time to plan and execute in the right way, you’re much more likely to successfully earn donations.

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