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Monday, January 21, 2019

The REAL Full list of Domain Names Owned By Frank Schilling

Research proves that "Frank Schilling" is the Mercedes of click-bait.

I fell for it today.

But When I saw Domain Gang's creative and whimsical invocation of Frank's name to deliver an important warning about Internet Privacy, I remembered that I actually have that FULL list.

How did I get this list? 

An accident really. I was searching Google for a UDRP argument and was offered a link to the list. I couldn't believe it. 

Perhaps the list was used by a lawyer as evidence in a proceeding? Some law firms store documents on their server, but forget to ban robots from searching those pages.

That was five years ago and I'm sure thousands of names were either sold, added or dropped since. I have no idea where that file is. Probably on one of hundreds of back up drives and disks. 

I blogged about some of the best names on the list years ago, but never revealed their owner or my source.

Some examples:

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