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Monday, May 13, 2019

Hacking Update and... Why suffer when you could be happy elsewhere?

Today: Charming Kitten, Hijacking SIM cards, Apple Tariffs, WannaCry, Leaked NSA Tools, Iranian Hackers, Brand Purpose Marketing 

A whopping 81% of the $29.55 billion in equity that Uber has raised is underwater. IPO investors have lost $655 million, while investors from 2016 and 2018 have between them lost $2.27 billion. It's the sort of thing that everyone ignores until they don't.

“Brand purpose” doesn’t count unless your brand actually has a purpose.

Why suffer when you could be happy elsewhere?

Monica Witt fled to Iran and was indicted for espionage—alongside an Iranian hacking luminary.

Cyberattack campaign has caused damages estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars, focusing on Middle East but also affecting U.S.

Fears that Apple's revenue will get hit hard from Donald Trump's policy may be overdone for now.

‘The Community’ allegedly netted $2.4 million in cryptocurrency

The threat posed by the leaked NSA tools remains a concern

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