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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

“Interesting Story. Never Heard This One.” and... "Who Pays For What?"

Today: Trade war troubles,  Attitude, Influencer, Slack, Domain Names, MLB (.com)

Your Job Title Doesn't Determine Your Success, Your Attitude Does and JazzHR Partner to Accelerate Time to Hire with Candidate-Matching Technology

Being an Influencer is a Job
Here's how influencers have evolved to become today's newest entrepreneurs.

We’re Taking a Vacation Together. Who Pays For What?
When young couples go away together, dividing the finances can be a tricky dance

Why we’ll see more startups built on platforms like Slack

‘Weapons of economic warfare’: Huawei has 56,492 patents – and it’s not afraid to use them

  • Chinese telecoms giant is stepping up pursuit of royalties and licensing fees as US restricts access to American markets and suppliers
  • Huawei is currently engaged in negotiations or disputes with Verizon, Qualcomm and defence firm Harris Corp.

Bradley comments “That's a lot of patents. They got them for a reason. What are we focusing our money, resources, human talent and attention on in this country? They also have a huge financial commitment to and are the world's largest solar manufacturers, they also have and are continuously building numerous Mag-Lev super speed train transportation systems throughout their country. I'm just saying!

Great domain acquisition/branding strategy: “Interesting story. Never heard this one”
The Law Firm and the League: Morgan, Lewis and Bockius LLP, Major League Baseball, and

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