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Thursday, September 12, 2019

What's in A Name? Ohio State, Obamas, LeBron James... All Entangled In Domain Disputes

Today: Israel Spies on Trump; Trademark Disputes, Social Media manipulation, Cambridge Analytica, Google No Follow links, SEO, McDonalds, Ohio State, Obamas, Higher Ground, LeBron James

The likely Israeli spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said.

Present Realities and Emerging Trends 

Ohio State University's trademark application for the word "THE" has been refused by the USPTO. The USPTO found that:

1. @OhioState is not using the word "THE" as a trademark.

2. Marc Jacobs filed an application for "THE" before Ohio State made its filing. 

SEO update: Those who depend on "nofollow" solely to block a page from being indexed will now need to block ULRs using a different method such as robotstxt, meta tags or password protection. Also, “sponsored” & “ugc” tags are new.

Hanisya Massey’s computer training firm is coming up against the former first couple’s similarly named production company. Sorting it out could take years.

The Fasken heirs own land in the heart of the Permian Basin.

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