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Friday, November 29, 2019

Cannabis Leader, Green Roads, Acquires GreenRoads (.com) Prior to IPO

May 2018 

A Frager Factor Opportunity Alert

Cashing in On The BIGGEST Need For Names EVER: Cannabis

November 2019
California Domain Investor Shows Us The $$
Top five player in emerging $22 billion CBD space invests $160K in an exact match domain name. They first tried to steal it via UDRP, but ended up getting it for a steal compared to what their forthcoming IPO would lose without it.

From 2018:
Today: Cannabis is going to be big business. But no longer joints, bongs and thongs. That's why many 420 and longer domain names that domainers have reserved for this day won't work. Names should be short, catchy, brand able and more medically focus as eventually Cannabis is the path to curing the world's most destructive chronic conditions.

The post linked here, went on to showcase seek of the names already building brands, the famous guys that owned them and examples of packaging and why it matters.  
November 2019
Since then we've experienced an outburst of marketing and branding innovation...
“It isn’t often that you see an entirely new market emerge on the scene, especially one where brands will play a key role. Many people first experienced cannabis as a unbranded plastic bag. This is not likely to be the future state. Cannabis will become a market dominated by strong, vibrant brands.”
Imagine of they never had jeans and jeans were being launched for the first time. All the names, styles, advertising, retail distribution was being established. Joe was first so he becomes distributor for all of florida for Levis. Larry makes a pitch and is hired to design logos, ads, pocket manual. Levis became an $80 Billion  business. Part of the popular culture. From thin air an industry springs up that employs 700 million workers.
That's what's happening on the Cannabis side, right now. And for sellers of brands and matching domains, social handles etc. a gold rush is there for the taking.
Realizing that takes strategy and effort.
Learn the industry. 
Get their newsfeed. 
Start making lists of who is using what name for what. 
Who doesn't have product names that can be matched to a domain? 
Who might be expanding or merging and they will need a new name.
Maybe I'll be telling your own domain success story next.

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