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Monday, November 25, 2019

How Google Sabotaged Hotels (.com) and Other Exact Match Domain Names

Today: Is Hyundai's Solar Charging Roof Better Than A Coal-Fired Tesla? Plus, Amazon Go, Cashierless Supermarkets, Democracy (.com), 

The billionaire said he bought the  domain name this month “to make sure someone didn’t do something crazy with it.”

The technology powering Amazon Go convenience stores also could be licensed to other retailers.

Insights include trending products, purchasing behaviors and more

Buy premium domain names? Google's SERPs test replacing domain names with words & make the words associated with the domain name gray.
“Man, I've been saying this for years, glad someone smart enough has put in all in perfect order to understand the manipulation. Google's behavior is like someone destroying a few microbes on an anthill in Africa. Problem is, we are the microbes”

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