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Monday, December 16, 2019

Bitcoin Disbelief... and.. Synthetic Identities Are Coming & Loving gTLDs

Today: Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme, Cyber-surveillance, These People Are Fake,UAE Spies on US, Albert Einstein

"We are building this whole model on the backs of idiots," one of the alleged conspirators said of the purported multilevel marketing scheme.

Synthetic identities are coming.
Software now allows you to generate realistic photos and videos of a person who does not exist. And if identity politics is the currency of the realm, synthetic identities provide the ability to counterfeit that currency. Here are some sites to play around with:

And this very real, very good, "deep fake" of Pitt and Joli in the shining

The genius offered simple, enjoyable advice to his young son on how to learn more quickly.

Astonishing investigation into how top US officials & spies sold their cyber-surveillance expertise to the UAE. It has been used to hack think tankers, diplomats & dissidents, eg imprisoned Saudi activist Loujain Hathloul, who has been tortured

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