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Monday, December 30, 2019

Lessons From 2019 IPO Bust (One Now Worth .18 Cents) and... Teleportation Is Real

Today: Canopy, HEXO, and Tilray; Marijuana Drinks; 23-Old NYC Budget; Eyewear; IPO; Ride Hailing; Cannabis

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Think RayBan and Chanel Sunglasses are still made of good quality? Watch the 60 Minutes piece on the optical industries empire, Luxottica. Revealing how Luxottica has cornered the industry buying up eyewear collections that use to be independent and converting them to mass produced glasses. Here is a list of Luxottica brands and retailers.

A health technology company focusing on early detection for eye diseases has the distinction of being the worst performing IPO of the year, with shares now worth just 18 cents.

Major pot producers and their beer partners have a full lineup of CBD drinks poised to hit store shelves.

How a 23-year-old making $172,000 in New York City spends his money

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