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Monday, February 24, 2020

Direct Response TV At Its Best: Easy As Pie (.com)

You've often heard me speak of the underutilization of one of the best marketing strategies of the digital age: Direct response TV using call-to-action domain names as brand.

In many respects the domain name IS an ad.

3-5 word domains used to have low values. But as "Easy As Pie" demonstrates, the value of memorability can't be measured by Estibot.

The Top 125 DTC Brands Spent $3.8 Billion on TV Ads Last Year
That's a 60% increase from 2018, according to new VAB study

When it comes to ad spend, direct-to-consumers brands, known for changing the playbook on how a company operates and connects with consumers, are moving toward a familiar path carved out by their conventional competitors.

Many brands have been built solely on direct response TV:,,,, HomeLight, Peloton, Chewy, Smile Direct Club and mattress company Purple. is biggest buyer, according to iSpot.TV

The rest of the top 5 were HomeAdvisor at $113.4 million, Chewy at $113.1 million, Wayfair at $100.5 million and Carvana at $85.7 million.

iSpot said that among the DTC brands, Carvana’s Enjoy the New Way to Buy a Car generated the highest attention score, according to iSpot.TV.

Other DTC brands whose spots drew the most attention from viewers were Noom, NerdWallet, Chewy and Touch of Modern.

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