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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

COVID-19: Deceptive. Sinister. Lethal.

Here's a summary of the multiple aspects of this illness from the drive I linked last time where various studies are archived. This was meant to be a good introduction from practitioners who went through this abroad. It's not the flu. 

COVID-19 is a deceptive and sinister disease that outwardly presents as severe pneumonia while stealthily causing damage to many of its victims’ vital organs. The disease may spread by aerosol or droplet transmission, fomite-to-face, or the oral-fecal route. The human waste of COVID-19 victims contaminates sewers, potentially infecting other people.

Quick Summary:

· Extremely contagious.

· Long incubation period with asymptomatic transmission.

· Very high likelihood of airborne aerosol transmission as well as oral-fecal transmission.

· Causes severe bilateral viral pneumonia with ground-glass opacities in the lungs visible on CT.

· Can cause irreversible lung fibrosis and loss of oxygen exchange capacity in the lungs.

· Can potentially cause myocarditis, pericarditis and subsequent myoglobinemia that injures the kidneys due to myoglobin entering the blood from the damaged heart.

· Can cause cytokine release syndrome and inflammation profound enough to damage vital organs.

· Can potentially damage blood vessels with vasculitis especially inside certain vital organs.

· Can potentially damage blood vessels and/or neurons in the brain (which may be the cause for the mysterious sudden drop fatalities with people suffering apparent brain death and seizures, as seen in leaked social media footage). Could cause persistent brain damage, brain stem injury, diaphragm paralysis, seizures, and possibly even a persistent vegetative state due to its neuroinvasive potential.

· Can cause bacterial co-infections.

· Can suppress the immune system so badly that ordinary gut bacteria start causing bacterial co-infections, potentially even causing GI tract symptoms.

· Can cause excessive clotting/disseminated intravascular coagulation due to sepsis.

· Can cause hypokalemia, low lymphocytes, low platelets, and low white blood cell counts, and is associated with elevated ferritin levels and abnormal AST/ALT.

· Can cause male infertility, indicated by abnormalities with testosterone and luteinizing hormone in survivors.

· There are now two recognized strains of the disease. The L strain is more infectious and severe than the ancestral S strain:

The key takeaway — SARS-CoV-2 does not only cause pneumonia.

It can also cause irreversible lung fibrosis, myocarditis, acute kidney injury, viral hepatitis, severe bacterial co-infections, autoimmune reactions (cytokine release syndrome), and cerebrovascular and/or medullary issues, as mentioned previously. Many of these things may lead to chronic, lifelong illness, such as the kind experienced by SARS survivors. Mental issues, chronic fatigue, and joint issues from methylprednisolone treatment were common with SARS patients. Many suspected COVID-19 sufferers have been witnessed across the globe collapsing and suffering seizures, abnormal posturing, the fencing response, and so on, indicative of serious brain damage and neurotropism of the virus. These disturbing complications demand further investigation.

This virus is a serious threat to the lives of people across the globe, and a national security threat beyond compare. We are all in grave danger with something like this on the loose. I implore the authorities to coordinate with virologists, epidemiologists, and critical care experts to come up with a plan of action. If this virus explodes in a major metropolitan area, you could see many thousands of terribly sick people swarming into hospitals and overflowing their surge capacity. The window of opportunity to prevent possibly millions of excess deaths is rapidly closing.

We should have had negative-pressure tent cities capable of treating tens of thousands of people established and staged outside major metropolitan areas at the beginning of February, in anticipation of pandemic spread. We need more oxygen concentrators and ventilators for the sick. If one is in a position to do so, they should investigate possible avenues of research and treatments, as listed above.

Of the known cases of COVID-19, 80% are mild, but 20% are severe or critical, quickly overwhelming the available numbers of ICU beds, ventilators, and other critical care resources.

This illness, if left unchecked, could kill many tens of millions of people globally and severely damage the quality of life of billions more. There is an urgent need for money and resources to combat COVID-19.

We are now in a state of war against a lethal pandemic disease.  SOURCE

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