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Owen Frager, Chief Innovation Officer of the Frager Creative Group, and principal blogger at Frager Factor, is a "name maker" who has created monikers patented by Bell Labs that are generating $50 million a month since 1990. Over a career with Alcatel-Lucent and another decade at the helm of his own firm, Owen conceived of monikers for companies, brands, programs, software and services that have generated additional multibillion dollar revenues and continue to earn monthly residuals around the world. Often, a positioning statement or slogan coined by Owen has helped to clarify the category or benefit of the brand. And provide a competitive advantage.
Beyond Frager Creative, his day job marketing agency serving Fortune 500 brands, Owen's blogs and online communities attract tens of thousands of visitors a day. In addition, his work has been featured on NBC and CBS; in Print MagazineThe New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  MORE

The Frager Factor: Memorable Product, Program and Domain Names and the Advertising Headlines and Taglines that Connect them to Consumers With Impact.


  • Sales motivation theme to support Olympic sponsorship
  • Operation Stamp Watch
  • A lead generation program that involved all employees of a postage meter company to peruse their mail at home to find business letters with stamps as indication of prospect for a postage meter. United everyone from the janitor on up to engrain the company’s core values and the role employees play in creating relationships with customers. (Raised 100,000 leads and 10,000 sales of refrub units that are still pumping monthly rental income… all with direct mail and fulfillment.)
  • ProspectVision
  • A proprietary CRM system... still paying off ten years later
  • Postmarks
  • a newsletter for a postage meter manufacturer
  • ColorProofs
  • a newsletter showcasing case studies for a color printer mfr.
  • Color Me Profitable
  • a Kinko’s support program for a color copier manufacturer
  • Flying Colors
  • A recognition newsletter for top performing color sales people
  • Friendship
  • a “user friendly” UPS shipping computer
  • Tropical Attractions
  • Videotapes to promote Hawaiian meeting/incentive programs
  • RatePak
  • software cartridge updates postage scale when rates change (“Windows” of industry)
  • LetterMate
  • a mail weighing and metering system for small businesses
  • Postage-on-Call
  • a service that eliminates post office trips by replenishing meter postage by modem (patented by Bell Labs and generating $50 Million a month in revenue since 1990)
  • The Performer
  • the world’s fastest most reliable high-volume mailing system (launched in conjunction with an Olympic sponsorship)
  • Driven by Vision/Driving Change
  • meeting themes used by Lee Iacoca
  • CPA (Certified Postage Accountant)
  • software that captures postage disbursements for law firm client cost recovery
  • Shorelines
  • a newsletter showcasing programs of Hawaii’s preeminent meeting/incentive producer
  • Autumn Green
  • incentive program to drive sales in the critical 4th quarter with weekly cash rewards and grand prizes of winter getaway to golf resort for top performers
  • The Key Is You
  • a year-long sales performance incentive where the best 100 of 2000 resellers end up celebrating their success in Key Largo
  • March With A Buddy (featured on NBC)
  • designed for a mail-order pharmacy to represent terminally ill patients in a march on the United Nations for AIDS funding and awareness
  • Kicking Butt (featured on CBS)
  • a program that encouraged a whole company to quit smoking while documented over 48 hours
  • CIO Update
  • Concept, name and first three productions of a web-based customer-based testimonial program built on solutions themes (view office)
  • Ambassador
  • A multi-faceted, multi-media viral marketing program designed to engage Citrix customers as a surrogate sales force to promote the products deeper within their own organizations
  • Follow-You Printing
  • Server-based remote printing app sold by Xerox, HP and others.

Some Advertising Headlines Created by Owen

  • Mailer concept for IBM’s Rapid Restore: (one button backup built into IBM PCs)
  • Cover: Step by step instructions for the day when you face that enviable blue screen ten minutes before the most important presentation of your lifetime Inside: Push a Button and Relax
  • For Alcatel’s Postage Meter Sponsorship (ads in Business Week)
  • Run a Meter for the Team (we donated money when they did)
  • For Perrier’s Sports Marketing Sponsorship launch
  • "Sporting a new commitment"
  • For Perrier’s cause-related promotions that donated a portion of restaurant sales to help flood victims (displaced Pelegrino in 200 key accounts and donated $150,000 for people in need)
  • "Open your Heart, Open a Perrier"
  • For Calistoga, a regional brand owned by Perrier featuring multiple flavors of sparkling water, a diversity campaign used in gay and Latino communities
  • Photo: Montage of bottle labels Headline: We don’t label people, just bottles.
  • For a mail-order prescription service serving terminally ill patients run by a cancer survivor
  • Headline: "I run my prescription service as if my life depends on it, because it does" Tagline: We know what you’re going through because we’re going through it too.

Internet Creations— Domain Names Created For And Sold To End Users

  • Justchairs
  • an online provider of unique office chairs with offline franchises
  • Copytalk
  • voice recognition software that converts dictation to text
  • Bank of Ideas
  • an ad agency
  • IdeaEmporium
  • an e-commerce application that matches inventors with bankers
  • (tagline: music heals)
  • a non-profit organization that supplies corporate-sponsored music CDs to hospital-bound cancer kids at Christmas
  • An online social network for women.
  • See and get conditions reports on your local beach to avoid driving for an hour to find a cloudy day.
  • Search-rich gateway to the Krongrand Institute who runs the longest running minimally invasive surgery program in the United States.
  • An Adwords lead generation campaign with video landing page for a campus print management company serving Xerox, Ricoh, HP and others
    A revolutionary software application that we just named for Madrid-based WWWEB FINANCIAL GROUP to stream market data in real-time. Most of the top 30 banks and saving banks in Spain, Portugal and Andorra use Web Financial Group’s technology solutions. Web Financial Group sells the advertising space on over 70% of all specialized financial web traffic in Spain, and counts more than 20 financial information websites as part of its advertisement network in France.eal-time on the revolutionary software application that we just named for Madrid-based WWWEB FINANCIAL GROUP

    • After years of same-named businesses bidding against each other for it, I sold it to a video production company of the same name to truncate "productions" , the "third word widow" as we call it in domaining off the buyer's existing domain.

    • Sold to one of the Domain community's top producers as his personal blog.

    • After years of same-named businesses bidding against each other for it, it was sold to the highest bidder at a live auction who also happens to be "The Domain King."


About The Author: Owen Frager is an Internet marketing expert ready to help take your company to the next level.

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