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Owen Frager Puts His Smart, Stylish Stamp on a Marketing Revolution (PDF)

A Secret Weapon For Marketing Advantage (PDF)

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from TRAFFIC East… things are looking good

Building brands with the perfect domain names

Advertising pros go independent, escape from corporate grind

Your Future’s Here to See You, Mr. Madison Avenue (PDF)

State of the domain name industry; Miami Herald speaks with Owen Frager

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Inside the Mind of Frager

From Toaster Explosion to Explosive Internet Growth (1999)

The Decade of Innovation Growth at Alcatel (when Frager Creative was naming and promoting products and services leading to acquistion)

In addition the creative portfolio of film, events and print advertising generated by Owen's previous career with the Frager Creative Group has been featured in Print Magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and on CBS and NBC News.

Articles about Domain Success and 'Gratitude' Offers Web & Marketing Tips to Domain-Preneurs Seeking the 'American Dream

Home Office Domainers May Reap Tax Breaks During Holiday Season Races Through 10th Consecutive Record Quarter. Double Digit Year Over Year Revenue Growth Shows No Signs of Slowing Down.

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